Reseller plans

You want to begin your own business of Web hosting?

You are designer and you want to provide Web to him hosting to your clients?

In Limitless Hosting it will be able to find the best service for you and its clients:

  • Guaranteed Uptime. Service without falls. Monitored the 24 hours with public report.
  • Opportune professional Technical support for you
  • Private servers DNS. You can have his own DNS.
  • Privacy. Nobody will know that you are remarketer of us, unless you say it.
  • You obtain a Web account hosting for you Free!
  • Special prices in .com domains /.net/.org
  • You will be able to modify the DNS of the .com domains /.net/.org that she contracts with us

Our plans are:


Reseller 1 Reseller 5 Reseller 10 Reseller 20
Disc space: 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Monthly transference: 50 GB 100 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Different websites: 10 30 50 100
Accounts of mail: Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless
Accounts FTP: Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless
cPanel in Spanish for its clients: ok ok ok ok
Panel WHM for you: ok ok ok ok
Softaculous: ok ok ok ok
PHP 5: ok ok ok ok
MySQL 5: ok ok ok ok
Preferncial price in domains: ok ok ok ok
Monthly value: - $10.000 $15.000 $30.000
Semester value: $36.000 $58.000 $80.000 $115.000
Annual value: $72.000 $110.000 $155.000 $220.000
to contract to contract to contract to contract

 Net values. It must add IVA

We helped you to grow

We know as hosting is the Web business. For that reason we helped you to grow of the following form:

  1. Escalables plans: If tl plan that it has contracted begins to be small, then it can go to the following plan only paying the difference. This can be made at any time. The difference calculates in proportional form and everything is considered what you have phelp. The change will not lose money when doing and their clients will not notice absolutely anything.
  2. Special prices in .com domains /.net/.org: We have agreements with the majors suppliers of domains of the world, we therefore can offer the best prices of the market. As remarketer you can accede to special prices for his clients. Prices never before seen in .com domains /.net/.org
  3. Software of invoicing: We offer licenses of WHMCS in weights. It will not need to have credit cards to accede to the best software of invoicing of the market.
  4. Technical support: The best technical support of the market. We are arranged to help him in everything what needs.
  5. Stability: Its business depends on the stability of the servers. Ours also. You not only are contracting disc space, but she is contracting stability so that its business lasts in the time with satisfied clients.


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