Policy on watch

The policies on watch are designed to give to our clients a clear understanding than the service is expected of them when using and than Limitless Hosting it is committed.

The use of our services only constitutes acceptance and agreement as much of the Policies of Use, as of the Conditions on watch.

This document tries to provide a basic elucidation of the Policies on watch of Limitless Hosting . The following points are the directive that we have used to establish and to reinforce Political happiness:

  1. To assure a reliable service to our clients
  2. To offer security and privacy in our systems and networks.
  3. To accept the effective laws.
  4. To maintain our reputation of responsible supplier of services.
  5. To foment the use responsible for Internet.
  6. To preserve the resources of Internet as resource of the free expression and exchange of information.
  7. To preserve the privacy and security of the particular user.

Limitless Hosting tries to provide to its clients of access to everything what Internet must to offer. But the client cannot use his site to publish any material that Limitless Hosting determines, to his single discretion, that is illicit, indecent or objectionable.

For effect of these Policies of Use, €œthe material€ word talks about to all form of communication, including narrative descriptions, graphical, photographies, illustrations, images, drawings, logo, programs, recordings of video and recordings of audio.

Under normal circumstances Limitless Hosting Co. it does not make use of publishing control of the contents, as much of websites as of transmissions of e-mails, groups of the news or another type of material created through the services. Nevertheless, in agreement with our conditions on watch, we will be able to eliminate any material, that, to our single discretion, could be illegal, it could cause some risk or it could violate these policies of use.

Limitless Hosting Co. it does not monitor, as routine, the activity of the accounts, except measuring the use of the system and the preparation of collection archives. Nevertheless, in our effort to promote the good vicinity with community Internet, we will respond in appropriate form, if we noticed ourselves of an unsuitable use of our servers.

Our company could cooperate with legal authorities and/or third parties, in investigations of some crime or some illicit conduct.

The violation of these policies of use on the part of the client, can be in the suspension or immediate term from the service or other detailed actions but ahead, without previous warning.

As member of our community of users of the network, You Must use his access to Internet responsibly.

If he has any question in relation to these policies of use, please contact to us in: @ilihost.com abuses.


  1. Illegal use: To use the servers of Limitless Hosting with illegal intentions or as endorsement of illegal activities. The positioning of links is not accepted either towards this type of sites. They are in this category the following nonexhaustive list: sites warez, serial, unloading of films.
  2. Objectionable use, as sale or purchase of arms, sale or purchase of drugs, pornography, prostitution, games of chance, casinos, battering of people, animal or vegetables, or any other activity that Limitless Hosting determines to its own discretion as objectionable.
  3. Damage to minors: The use of our servers to damage or to try to damage minors, anyway, as for example the storage or distribution of child pornography.
  4. Threats: The use of our servers to transmit any material via e-mail, webpage, or other, that threaten or foment corporal damage, psychological or the destruction of the property.
  5. Harassment: The use of our servers to transmit any material that causes harassment to another person. In the same way it constitutes violation to the terms of the service the harassment, reduction, evil treatment or to speak with crude words by any means, or personal or telephone towards the personnel who works in Limitless Hosting .
  6. Fraudulent activity: The use of our servers to make supplies, to sell or to buy fraudulent objects or services or to initiate any type of financial swindle, or to realise any type of €œchain€
  7. Falsification or imitation: To put, to remove or to modify headed of identification with the intention to defraud or to deceive. The attempt to be made pass person on the other (phising), using headed or another type of fraudulent identification (the use of anonymous post office or nicknames does not constitute fraudulent identification).
  8. Commercial e-mail not asked for and Spam: The use of our servers to transmit any e-mail with propaganda who violate the rules or regulations. The violation of this point will have as result the term of the offending account of servant, in immediate form. Commercial messages will only be allowed that are appropriate according to the rules that a group of the news or that a mail list, has solicitd. In addition it is prohibited to publicize by means of Spam any site lodged in our servers although another network or servant becomes from.
  9. Bombing of Email or attacks DDOS: The use of our servers to damage or to prevent that another person uses servers installed in ours or in other networks.
  10. Falsification of e-mail messages: The falsification of any headed of message, partisan or total, of an electronic transmission that is originated in our servers.
  11. Distribution and/or storage of virus and Trojans: The storage or intentional distribution of software that tries or causes damage to people, data and/or to computer systems.
  12. Nonauthorized access: The use of our servers to accede or to try to accede to the accounts of others, or that they violate or they try to violate the safety measures of Limitless Hosting or another organization of software or hardware or system of electronic communication or telecommunication, whether violation is in damage or loss of data, as if no. This point specifically is prohibited and will have as result, the term of the offending account.
  13. Usurpation of trademarks: The use of the servers of Limitless Hosting to transmit any material (by email electronic uploading €“ posting either another one) that usurps any trademark, commercial rights of author, patents, secrets or other rights of nonauthorized property of third parties including copies of material with trademark, the digitalization and distribution of photographies of magazines, books or other protected sources and the nonauthorized transmission of protected software.
  14. Personal data collection: The use of the servers to collect or to try to collect personal information of third parties, without its knowledge and/or consent.
  15. Hostile activities: The use of the servers of Limitless Hosting Co. for any activity that affects the capacity of other people and systems to use Limitless Hosting Co. or Internet. It is prohibited to make interference or to interrupt to other users or services or equipment of the network. It is responsibility of the client who their local network is formed of a safe way so that this it is not used by third parties in illegal or unsuitable form.
  16. Fraudulent activities: It implies a false declaration or a deceptive affirmation, knowingly, written with the intention of which the person who receives it, acts according to it.
  17. IRC Networks: Absolutely it is prohibited to provide with accomodations a servant IRC who is part or is connected to another Network IRC, or servant.


  1. The client will be responsible by any evil use for his account, reason why she will have to take measures to make sure that third parties do not have access to their key.
  2. It is responsibility of the client to carry out periodically, endorsement of his data. For this the necessary tools are provided. Limitless Hosting does not become person in charge by possible losses of data attributable to connectivity or hardware faults.

Limitless Hosting reserves the right to review, to correct or to modify these policies of use and conditions on watch, at any time and forms. The warning of revision, correction or modification will be informed opportunely.

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