Policy Anti Spam

In Limitless Hosting we are part of the world politics to fight the Spam.

Definition of Spam

Word €œSpam€ applied to the shipment of post office means €œnot asked for massive Post office€

€œSolicitd€ it does not mean that the receiver verifiable has not grant leave so that messages are sent to him.

€œMassive€ it means that the message is sent within a great list of messages where all have almost identical content.

So that a message is considered Spam, it must Massive and not be solicitd

  • Not solicitd: Normal mail is considered. For example, requests of purchases, use, etc.
  • Massive: Normal mail is considered. For example, the news, communications to the clients, etc.

Understanding the problem of the Spam

The Spam is a problem in relation to the consent, not to the content. Independent of the fact that the message is an advertising warning, a deceit or a message with pornography, the content gives the same. If the message were sent without being solicitd and in massive form, it is Spam.

The Spam is not a subgroup of the €œnot asked for massive messages€ (MMNS). It is not for example €œnot asked for massive Messages that are a deceit or that they do not own I tie for desuscribir itself€. All email sent in massive and asked for form is not Spam.

The distinction is important, since the legislators of different countries spend great amount of time trying to regulate the content of the messages to categorise them as Spam, which takes to interpretations, without realizing of which the problem of the Spam is the form as it is sent and not its content.

Several jurisdictions have implemented €œcontrol http://www.a1hosts.com/images/ than they call €œSpam€. Thus, for example we see the case of :

The Law of Consuming 19,496 Number and its modification Number 19,955 of the 2004, in its Article 28b, regulates the shipment of e-mails: €œAll promotional communication or advertising by email electronic shipment will have to indicate the matter or subject on which it turns, the identity of the sender and to contain a valid direction of which the adressee asks for the suspension of the shipments€

The previous definition prevails for e-mails created in and whose destiny is other e-mails within . They are excluded the services of hotmail, gmail, yahoo, the majority of the .com domains /.net/.org and many domains .cl that is lodged in foreign servers.

Limitless Hosting the International adheres to the definition of the industry in relation to the Spam: It is not a consent but content problem. Of this form, the content of the message is irrelevant.

The reception of asked for mail more and more is not limited world-wide level. According to the previous definition, the systems that they send Spam are written down in public lists in servers distributed in several places of the world. The post office sent from a servant who appears in one of those lists are rejected automatically by 90% of the servers of the world, are legitimate or no.

Vision of Limitless Hosting

As lodging company Web we must have to offer services of quality to our clients and to maintain directions IP outside any black list. This is applied for plans of hosting shared, dedicated VPS and servers.

Before the first international reclamation that we receive by shipment of Spam an investigation is realised and the account of the client will be suspended until it does not clarify to the origin of the problem and its definitive solution. We wait for fast answers of our clients since we do not have more than 24 hours to put term to a Spam dispute before some of our servers falls in black list. The answer on the part of our clients cannot mean suspension or I possibly finish of accounts and fines of up to $ 25,000 or their equivalent in dollars.

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