Webpage free

With Limitless Hosting you can free have his webpage in very just a short time time.

First it needs an economic plan hosting or a plan of hosting companies and already can begin to work.

1. CPanel enters its Control Panel

2. It makes click in the RVSiteBuilder icon


3. An assistant will appear to him who will help him free in the creation of his webpage.

He completes the data that are asked for to him of the following way:


4. Later he will be able to choose between more than 1,000 groups and 3,000 images to use the one that is adapted more to its website:


5. Once selected the group he will have several options to personalize it and to modify it according to his preferences:


6. As of this moment he will be able to modify the images, to modify texts, to add or to eliminate pages of his site.

As he sees, today you can free have his webpage of a very simple way. He does not need to have great knowledge of design or computation.

In order to begin he contracts anyone of our plans of hosting:

Plan ABC-1 Plan ABC-2 Plan ABC-3
Disc space 200MEGABYTE 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB
Monthly transference 10 GB 60 GB 120 GB 180 GB
Accounts of mail 10 Limitless Limitless Limitless
Data bases MySQL 5 Limitless Limitless Limitless
Subdominios 5 Limitless Limitless Limitless
Alias of domain 1 Limitless Limitless Limitless
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Protection against hackers cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Annual value $ 17.850 $ 23.800 $ 29.750 $ 41.650
to contract to contract to contract to contract

Immediate activation
It contracts in line using the button €œTo contract€ and its plan will activate in immediate form.

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