Hosting for companies

We know the technological needs the companies. Therefore we have created a platform specialized of hosting for companies with the following characteristics:

- Daily endorsement of the information
approved Limitless transference
approved Guaranteed Uptime 99,95% measured by external company
approved E-mail with AntiSpam and Antivirus activated by defect
approved Multidominio plans. Several domains in a single account.
approved Servers of last technology
approved Attention and telephone support
approved Automatic electronic invoice

Our plans:

Plan Company Plan Company XL Plan Company
XL 5
Plan Company 10
Disc space: 2 GB 3 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Accounts of mail: 15 30 50 50
Multidominio websites: 3 3 3 3
Data bases MySQL: 5 5 5 5
Accounts FTP: 5 5 5 5
Subdominios: 4 4 4 4
Alias of mail: YES YES YES YES
cPanel in Spanish: YES YES YES YES
Annual value (*): $ 42.840 $ 59.500 $ 89.250

$ 142.800


* Values include IVA

Limitless plans

If what her organization needs it is a great amount of space so that the mail accounts never are saturated, this one is its better option.

Each plan includes certain amount of space bases and each additional GB has a value of $ 2,000 that will invoice the following month

Limitless plan 100 Limitless plan 200
Disc space: 10 GB 10 GB
Accounts of mail: 100 200
Multidominio - different websites: 3 3
Data bases MySQL: Limitless Limitless
Accounts FTP: Limitless Limitless
Subdominios: Limitless Limitless
Alias of mail: YES YES
cPanel in Spanish: YES YES
Monthly value: $ 23.800 $ 29.750
Additional value GB: $ 2.000 $ 2.000

It needs a greater plan? Contact to us

All the plans for companies allow to lodge their website and to administer in simple form the e-mails.

In addition, it will count on the technological endorsement and the technical support that only the most important company of Web hosting can give him.

Why to choose the Platform of Companies of Limitless Hosting ?

Because we know what its company needs, all our plans count on:

  • AntiSpam: It avoids the annoying mail nonwished or Spam. All wished mail will not be given in folder €œSpam€
  • Anti-virus: The system will review all the post office that enter and leave their company in search of virus. If is a virus, it will be disinfected in automatic form before the mail arrives at its destiny. Thus also the archives of their account will be reviewed daily to avoid infections.
  • Guaranteed Uptime: The servant in line is at least the 99,95% of the time. We have external companies that control ours uptime and the information are public. We do not have anything to hide.
  • Daily endorsements: We take care of his information. If by some reason its company lost information, we always have as recovering it.
  • Formed registry SPF: So that their e-mails arrive at hotmail, yahoo and gmail and are not considered Spam, you you need to have correctly formed their registry SPF. Our technical department is in charge to form this registry before giving its account to him.
  • Mod Active Security: Know did you who the majority of the webpages of the companies has vulnerabilities that allow to an ill-disposed person with knowledge and to accede to their archives and all e-mails? Our servers count on a called shield Mod Security formed by our Technical Department with more than 300 rules than they protect the most common vulnerabilities of the webpages of our clients.


Our clients

He knows some our clients, who have deposited their confidence in Limitless Hosting as their company of hosting:

Service of Health Araucan

Government of
Service of Health Araucan

Municipality of Goatherd

It illustrates Municipality
of Goatherd

Hospital of Curanilahue Hospital of Curanilahue Municipality of Blanca Lagoon It illustrates Municipality of
Blanca lagoon
Municipality of Conchal­

It illustrates Municipality
of Conchal­
Laboratorio Ballerina S.A. Ballerina laboratory

More does not doubt it! It now contracts with the button €œTo contract€ and proves our service before paying it.

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