Hosting Joomla

hosting joomla

Joomla! it has been transformed into one of the used platforms more for the creation of websites in the world.

All our plans of hosting are optimized to work with Joomla of the following form:

  • The facilities of groups and components are realised without problems without needing activating layer FTP (*)
  • The permissions of archives settle down automatically to their correct form without needing intervention of the user
  • Renombrando the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess and activating SEO from the Control Panel, will see that directions URL are transformed automatically into URL friendly for the finders as Google.

(*) layer FTP of Joomla was designed to be able to work in servers badly formed. With the plans of hosting of Limitless Hosting it is not necessary to use this tool, since Joomla! it works very well.

It remembers, Joomla! it works well in all our plans of hosting

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