As to create a mail account

 We are going to explain how to create an e-mail account using cPanel.

Before use an account of mail and before forming any program as for example Outlook, is necessary to create an account of e-mail in its Web hosting.
That is what we are going to learn to do in this tutorial.

First that nothing must enter its Control Panel cPanel

1. Entering to cPanel

Digite in its navigating Web the following direction:

It must replace €œ€ by the domain that you use in his account of hosting.

Entrance to cPanel

Its name of user and password received them in a called e-mail €œIts account has been activated€

Write them in this window to be able to enter to his cPanel:

Next it makes click in €œAccounts of Email€

2. Adding a mail account

In the section €œAccounts of Email€ of his Control Panel you will find a dialogue picture as which she is next:

To add mail account

  1. Email€ with the name of the mail account fills up the square €œthat is creating
  2. A password for its account writes. She Repeats where it says password (Again)
  3. It assigns a maximum amount of space for the account that is creating.
The amount of space that you put in this square had to be smaller than the total contracted in its website.
Also unlimited can write the word and so it will tell him to the servant who the account does not have limit but when the space available finishes.

Finally it presses the button To create.

It will appear the following confirmation:


In order to finish it presses NO

It repeats the steps to create new accounts

It remembers to be writing down the mail accounts that are creating with its respective passwords

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