To create the DNS of his reseller

So that the domains of their clients can be added to their account, it needs to have defined the DNS with which it will work.

In this tutorial it will learn to create the DNS of his plan to reseller.

We are going to suppose that its main domain of reseller is Then it would be a good idea to establish similar DNS a:


You received a titled e-mail €œInformation of his account to reseller€. If he has not received it, look for it in the Spam folder. In that mail one inquires to him who are the directions IP that must use to create the DNS of their plan to reseller.

The step to follow is depends on the type of domain that you have.

To create the DNS for domains .cl

In order to create the DNS using a domain .cl you must go to Modification data of domain in NIC :


Later the authorization code will have to enter:


It reviews his e-mail. There it will find the authorization code.

The authorization code sends it NIC to the mail of the person who appears as owner of the domain.

If it does not receive the authorization code communicates directly with NIC to the mail or telephone (02) 940 77 00, option 1


Once entered the authorization code it will have to realise the following changes:

  1. Direction of Email of contact: Make sure that its mail appears in this box.
  2. Primary servant of names: The name of its primary DNS (For example, and direction IP of the primary DNS enters (it is obtained from the mail that we sent to him).
  3. Secondary servant of names: The name of its Secondary DNS (For example, and direction IP of the secondary DNS enters (it is obtained from the mail that we sent to him).
  4. Make sure that she is not noticeable the square that says €œTo form to NIC as secondary€
  5. Make sure that there is not no other additional servant of names.

In order to finalize it presses the button €œTo modify domain with all these data€.

Congratulations! You have created the DNS for his service of reseller with Limitless Hosting . In 30 minutes approximately he will be able to use his domain and its plan to reseller.


If its domain already had DNS formed in NIC , it is possible that it must wait for 24 hours to be able to use it with our service.
This time Propagation of DNSy is called is nothing can be made to worry it.



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