To form Outlook 2003

The following tutorial will help him to form Outlook 2003 for its account of mail with Limitless Hosting

It considers that before forming his account with Outlook 2003 it must it have created in the Control Panel and already must be working.

For this tutorial it needs to know the e-mail and the password.

1. Abra Outlook 2003 and makes click in the menu Tools >> Cuentas of mail

[Menu Tools > Cuentas of mail]

2. Next he selects €œTo add an e-mail account€.

3. He selects tiopo of servant

The type of servant can be POP3 or IMAP.

POP3: The messages are stored in their computer where it has installed Outlook, reason why will not be able to use two different computers to review old post office. This option saves space in its account in the servant because the messages are eliminated of the transferred servant to the being their local computer.

IMAP: The messages stay in the servant, reason why it can review them from different computers and maintain this synchronous information. As the messages are stored in the servant, when filling its account will have to eliminate messages to be able to continue receiving.

If it thinks to also use a movable device as tablet or smartphone to review this account of mail we suggested to him uses protocol IMAP in Outlook as in the movable device as much. If it will not use no smartphone or tablet is preferable to use protocol MGP

4. It completes the information on his account of mail:

It replaces €œ€ or €œ€ by the domain name that you use

5. It presses the button €œMore configurations€¦€

It selects to the eyelash €œServant of exit€ and verifies that he has the following configuration:

6. It selects to the eyelash €œOutposts€

Many Internet service providers have blocked port 25 and prevent that the subscribers use Outlook to send post office.

In order to solve this in Limitless Hosting we have formed port 587 for the shipment of post office.

It verifies then that port smtp is 587:


Port POP3 must be 110
Port IMAP must be 143
Port smtp must be 587.


It presses TO ACCEPT

7. It presses €œthe Following€ button

Congratulations! Outlook closing, returns to open it and it will already be able to use his account of mail.

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