To form iPhone mail or iPad

Attention: If it altogether uses Outlook or another similar program with a movable device, it must reshape it so that it leaves a copy of the post office in the servant. If it does not do it, it will not correctly receive the messages in his movable device.


In order to form an account of mail in iPhone it is necessary to make it through program Mail following these steps:

1. We enter the application Mail. First it will be to choose the mail account that we want, we chose €œOther€ (others).

2. Next we will have to choose the type of account. It is necessary to choose between mail through MGP or IMAP, we chose IMAP. We fill up the fields that there are next:

- Yam (Name): it will be the name of our account of mail, for example, accounting
- Address (Direction): she is the email address, for example,
- Description (Description): we will be able a description for our account of mail

3. In the following screen we will fill up the data of the servant of incoming mail. It is the configuration for the access to the e-mail. The data to fill up are the following:

- Host Yam (Servant): (it replaces by his domain)
- User Yam (Usuary): the complete account of mail, for example,
- Password (Password): the password of our account of mail

4. In the following screen we will fill up the data of the servant of salient mail, exactly just as in the entrant.

5. Once formed the mail account we will keep the changes beating the button €œKnows€ (To keep).

6. Additional configurations. It is necessary to accede to the option €œSettings€ (Preferences) where we will be able to fit the configuration of our account. So that it works correctly is necessary to unmark the option of access SSL, leaving it in state €œIn off€, and to verify that the Authentication of the account is active introducing again the outside necessary password if.

The ports of access to the e-mail are the port 143 for the unloading and the port 25 for the shipment, that are those that is created by defect.

Once finalized these steps, already we could begin to use our account of mail in iPhone.

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