How to raise my website?

In this tutorial we are going to explain passage by step how the archives are due to raise that compose their website towards the servant.

In order to raise your archives the servant you need to have installed in your computer a software FTP.
If still you do not have it we suggested to you to unload software WinSCP here doing click.
Once you have it installed in your computer you will be able to continue reading this tutorial.

1. Main screen of WinSCP


** If your version is in English, you must change to the language doing click in €œOptions> options > Language > Spanish > OK€

2. Connecting itself to the servant

It must complete the data that are asked for:

Protocol FTP (Also it can be SFTP)

Coding: Without Coding (Only if FTP chose)

Nombre or IP Servant:    -- It changes by the domain of his website

Port: 21 (or 22 if it is STFP)

User: The same user with which cPanel enters its Control Panel

Password: The same password of its Control Panel cPanel

Not to mark in Anonymous Way

If it wishes To keep coneccion presses in Keeping

It presses the button €œTo connect€


3. Preparing itself to raise its archives

Once one has connected the servant will see the following screen:


The panel of the left side represents the hard disk of his PC
The panel of the right side represents the hard disk of the servant

In the panel of the right side

€œPublic_html€ makes double click on the folder

In the panel of the left side

It looks for the folder where are the archives that compose their website and opens it.

It does click in the archives and folders that wishes to raise the servant.

It can select to several archives and folders at the same time if it maintains pressed the key CONTROL

Located on a noticeable file it makes click with the right button of mouse and soon it makes click in €œRaising€


With this action their archives will rise the Web and will be visible in their servant.

It considers that:

- The main file of its site must be called index.html or index.php or index.htm (everything in small letters).
- The archives must keep in the folder public_html or on the contrary they will not be seen.


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