Folic Acid: Why You Need It Before And During Pregnancy

Once you are pregnant it is essential that you get adequate amount of folic acid. The lack of folic acid can cause various complications in a pregnant woman. According to the best maternity hospital in Mumbai it is important that every pregnant woman takes folic acid or folate before and during her pregnancy.

Folic acid is a synthetic form of vitamin B9. It is also commercially known as folate. There is more than one reason to have folic acid during pregnancy.


Why folic acid is needed?

The intake of folic acid will prevent you from neural tube defect or NTD. This is a very severe birth defect affecting the spinal cord and the brain of your fetus. The neural tube is a very critical part which determines the growth of the brain and spinal cord of the embryo, inside you.

This neural tube defect happens at a very tender stage of the pregnancy. It also starts damaging the neural tube, even before a woman realizes that she is pregnant. That is the reason why it is important that you start the intake of folic acid even when you are planning to conceive.

If you start taking folic acid, at least one month before you conceive, you will automatically decrease your baby’s risk of neural tube defect by 70 percent. Some research also suggests that the intake of folic acid lowers many other birth defects for babies. Birth defects concerning the child’s heart, cleft palate, cleft lips can be prevented by the use of folic acid.
That is the reason why the best maternity hospital in Mumbai suggests that every mother and would-be mothers should start taking folic acid before and during their pregnancies.

What other benefits can folic acid offer?

Folic acid provides the essential nutrient to your pregnant body to produce the adequate amount of red blood cell. In order to fulfill the requirement of your fetus, your body will need extra amount of red blood cells.

Folic acids help a mother by providing her with the adequate nutrition. Folic acid also helps in the production and repair of DNA. It promotes cell growth, which is very essential during your fetus’s overall development.


How much Folic acid is necessary?

According to experts you should start taking at least 400 micrograms of this vitamin per day, one month advance before you conceive. This will minimize your baby’s risk of developing neural tube disorder.

Then once you are pregnant and your fetus is growing inside your womb, you can boost up the intake up to 600 micrograms on a daily basis. You can consult the doctors at the best maternity hospital in Mumbai to decide on the amount of folic acid you need to have.

You can check the label on the multivitamin supplement to check the amount of folic acid is present there. Some of the prenatal vitamins contains up to 800 micrograms to 1000 micrograms of folic acid.

This amount of folic acid is required if you are on a vegetarian diet or a vegan diet and lack in regular intake of vitamin B12. Also if you have a pregnancy history of giving birth to a baby with neural tube defect then your daily requirement might be increased to 4000 micrograms per day.

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